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The Coleman Hot Water on Demand is a sink that really heats your water and allows you to use a faucet to dispense, just like your kitchen or bathroom sink. Here is our review.

coleman hot water on demand

It is very easy to operate. Here are some instructions to show you the simplicity of the unit.

1. Fully charge the battery. The pump uses a 6V rechargeable battery. It comes with a wall charger or auto charger. Plug it in and charge until you see the green light on front.

2. Fill with water. Fill the five-gallon collapsible jug (supplied) with clean, tap water. The unit heats water, but it does not heat it enough to purify it.

3. Set the heater on a table or stable surface and place the water jug below the water heater, such as the floor or ground. Attach the pump to the the water jug by screwing it on. Do not cross-thread.

4. Place the jug on its side with the outlet on the bottom. Turn the pump to line up the “This Side Up” note on top. The pump is also made to be inserted in a water supply like a bucket or cooler full of clean water.

5. Install propane tank. Turn the control knob to “Off” position. Open the propane cover door on the front of the heater. Take the protective top off of the propane tank and set aside. Hold the tank up and screw it carefully into the regulator, turning in a clockwise direction.

6. Very important: Check for leaks!
Use a solution of one part dish-washing liquid and three parts water. Put some solution on the connection between the regulator and propane cylinder and make sure that it doesn’t bubble. If it bubbles, do not use the unit. Try unscrewing and reinserting the propane cylinder making sure it is threaded properly. Retest using the soap solution. If there are no bubbles, close the propane front door and use the unit.

7. Swing the faucet out. Set the control knob to the temperature selection that you need by pushing it in and turning it. If you need HOT water, continuously hold the control knob in while dispensing your hot water. The unit will start pumping water at the set temperature. Turn control knob fully clockwise to the OFF position when you are finished.

Here is a direct link to Coleman’s Hot Water on Demand

When you are in a remote location you can count on a Coleman Hot Water on Demand portable hot water heater.