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The question you must answer before you get into any food vending business is:
What kind of sink does your health department require? Those dreaded sinks!

Health Department Sink Requirements

You’ll need to call your local health department for the area you want to operate in and ask them exactly what kind of sink or sinks are needed to sell your food products from your tent.
Check our directory of state health departments for contact info.

There are two main reasons why your health department requires you to have a sink:
1. You have to wash your hands because you’re preparing food.
2. You have to clean your utensils properly AND wash your hands.

These are the possible requirements:
1. No sink required. (Congratulations!)
2. A sink inside your tent, cold water only is OK.
3. A single sink in your tent with hot water.
4. A single sink in your tent with hot water, under pressure.
5. 3 sinks with hot water, under pressure.
6. 4 sinks with hot water, under pressure.

Our sink system satisfies or exceeds all of the above requirements!

When deciding to get into the food business, the health department will be the first place you will want to contact to find the requirements of what’s needed to sell your food in your town. Will you need a 1- 2- 3- or 4-bay sink? Do they require that you have hot and running cold water, under pressure? If your sink is portable, how will you heat the water? One solution is a small generator. All this could add thousands of dollars to your sink system.

Our sink basins are NSF-approved.

Our sink is completely portable by the use of a propane on-demand hot water heater and 12VDC water pump. No extension cords or generators are needed.