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Health Permits for a Kettle Corn Business

Since the base ingredient of Kettle Corn is popcorn, most health departments don’t have as many rules that regulate a KettleCorn vendor.

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Wait, don’t let this stop you from getting into the Kettle Corn Business. You have the opportunity to make $5 to $9 for a bag of popcorn that costs less than a dollar to make. If you really want to make money at this, then you have to treat it like a real business. Just go talk to the health department. They will respect you more for trying to do things the right way.

Business License for Kettle Corn

Reality Check: if you are doing something that turns a profit, the government is going to want a portion of your profits. If you keep appearing at the same places  (flea market, farmers market, city festival), an official is going to ask for your business license. Not a problem. Visit your county court house or city hall and tell the the type of business you’re in. For less than $200 per year, you know have the ability to make $500 per weekend. Do the math.

Sales Tax for a Kettle Corn Business

In general, if you sell something for a profit, you have to pay sales tax. You don’t have to collect sales tax, but you do have to pay it. So, you can decide if you want the tax to be included in the price of your product.