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This $19.99 guide is yours for FREE with your purchase of the Sink Build It! Guide

The Lemonade Business Plan is by far the best tool you can utilize to get started and actually succeed in the lemonade business. This guide is full of all the information you need to start, run, and profit in your business!

Here’s what you get:

  • Understanding health department regulations (Every health department in every state is different)
  • A full list of equipment and materials you need AND where you can purchase those items. Direct links to suppliers of everything from air compressors to beverage dispensers
  • The most effective ways to purchase supplies (fruit, sugar, ice, etc)
  • Our tried-and-true recipes for regular, strawberry and sugar-free
  • How to set-up and prepare for events
  • How to generate sales momentum early in the day
  • How to maintain a consistent, quality product for the duration of the event
  • How to get into the best events AND which ones to avoid
  • Day-to-day tips learned from our experiences

HUGE SECRET: Our research has shown us the best type of cup to use for serving lemonade and how to use it effectively. This secret, along with the supplier’s contact info, is included.

We’ve learned from our trials and errors the easiest and most effective ways to operate our business.

We definitely have an advantage with our recipe, and our Lemon Smasher, and you can too!